Show Producer
 Ross - Show Producer

Complementing Ross's Emcee & Show Hosting work is his vast experience in show production (international and local) which encompass:

  • Event support services
  • Special events creation
  • Public relations
  • Venue management
  • Show calling
  • Technical and artistic management

Ross's sound knowledge of technical elements required for any successful event sets him apart from the rest. These include:

  • Indoor/Outdoor sound system configuration
  • Show/stage/atmospheric lighting system
  • Projection system and broadcast camera system
  • Indoor/Outdoor stage and shelters set-up
  • Electrical power distribution system
  • Indoor/Outdoor stage design concepts

Ross's ability to conceptualise, design, manage and execute a particular event has brought his passion to the next level. He has been blessed to work with reputed names in the events industry.

Furthermore, throughout his career, Ross has built a large network of contacts in almost every aspect of show production. This enables him to get the right people for the right job at the right price. He works with partners who are reliable, supportive and willing to put in the extra effort. They share the same vision as Ross to make that event or show a great one!

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